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History of Butuan City

Butuan City was originally located in Pinamangculan by the banks of the Masao River, about a kilometer from the barrio of Libertad. Finding the place less ideal because of the flood, the people moved to Maug, now the municipality of Magallanes, at the mouth of Agusan river, they again transferred to Lapaca, now known as Linungsuran in barrio Banza about five kilometer inland Agusan River. Still troubled by floods, the people once more settled, some eighty years ago, this time permanently, in a higher place called Agao, which is the present site of the City proper. A description of Butuan is not complete without infusing it with the significance of the Agusan River and its tributaries that provide the valley with rich soil from periodic floods. Its serpentine route through the city and the two Agusan provinces provide the people with easy means of transportation for trade and commerce and encourage settlement along its banks. The Agusan River greatly helped the booming of the "Logging Industry" which earned Butuan the name "Timber City of the South". Butuan sprawls across the Agusan River nine kilometers from its mouth. Towards this, to the north and seaward, run fertile rice lands.


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