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Antique Potteries and the Balanghais

Just 5 kilometers from the City proper lies the graveyard of the Balangay 1 dated 320 A.D. or 1678 years old. This wooden plank-build and edge-pegged boats average 15 meters in length and 3 meters wide across the beam. To date, 9 Balangays have already been discovered in Ambangan, Libertad sites. Three have been excavated and others are still in Situ. In no other locality in the Philippines or Southeast Asia for the matter, has there been such a rare and extensive discovery of the maritime vessel and cultural relics associated with an affluent seafaring people in this part of the globe except in Butuan. Trade with other communities (from as far as China) is further evidenced by ancient potteries and porcelain wares found in various digs around the area.

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