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Geography of Butuan City

The highest peak is Mt. Hilong-Hilong (2,012m), located in the Diwata Mountains near the eastern boundary with Surigao del Sur.As a cosmopolitan society, Northern Mindanao's city centers offer an endless array of excitement and entertainment. The streets are alive with jeepneys, tricycles (motorcycles with sidecars), sleek automobiles, and its sidewalk are crammed with hurrying crowds. Outside the bustle of airconditioned shopping malls are the gaiety of marketplaces that give the visitor a dose of local color. Agusan del Norte's name was derived from the Malay word agasan, meaning "where water flows." This alluded to the province's mighty Agusan River that traverses the whole province. Agusan River is the third longest river in the country. It is also one of the nine rivers that criss-cross the entire province. Logs are floated down Agusan River to mills for processing into lumber and plywood. Agusan del Norte is located outside the typhoon belt and has no definite dry season. Rainfall is pronounced throughout the year, occuring heavily from November to January.


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